My Mobile Experience: Part 1


This is how my iPhone 4 has been for the past 4-5 months. I dropped on my driveway when I was getting out of the car. Did I think of replacing it? Yes. So why didn’t I replace it? Well for one, it still works. Barring the not-so-slightly shattered screen, there is nothing wrong with it.

Working in the Enterprise Mobility team, I didn’t feel quite right pulling out my HP Elitebook laptop whenever I had to work when traveling. So I took my personal iPad for my last two trips. My boss saw this and said “Given your reputation with iDevices, let us get you an iPad. We don’t want you breaking your iPad.” Now I am not sure whether he was sarcastic or kind. Just for my sake, let me go with ‘kind’ πŸ™‚

Now that I have an iPad that I can use most of the time, I have started exploring the accessories and apps that I need to stay productive even without my laptop. Here are a few things I have started using…

1. Logitech Keyboard: Love the design of this. So easy to add a physical keyboard to the iPad. And it doesn’t add to the iPad size. Now if only it had a softer cover to protect the iPad and the screen πŸ™‚

2. Evernote: Now who can stay without using Evernote on their tablet? Evernote is so easy to take notes and access that notes from any device, anywhere.

3. Dropbox: I use this extensively for my personal documents, photos etc.

4. Keynote: With a schedule of almost one presentation every few days, I swear by the keynote app! Just remember to buy the keynote remote control app on your iPhone.

5. QuickOffice: Any time I need to something on my iPad that I am not able to figure out how, I look to the mobile-only expert – Benjamin. My first request was to have a similar experience of MS Office on my iPad; to edit my documents on the iPad. Ben suggested QuickOffice. I’ve been liking the experience so far.

6. WordPress: And finally, for this week, I have downloaded the WordPress app to get more active in blogging.

What are your experiences in the mobile app ecosystem? What apps do you use to stay productive on a tablet? What accessories do you use, especially for an iPad?


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