Marathons and Half-Marathons, the Twitter Way.

Yesterday I wrote about my entry into Twitterville.

I felt that it would only be useful to follow that post with some details on how I manage my work, personal and social lives.  If you have heard that there is such a thing called work/life balance or day/night difference, then you did not come from me.

When I met George yesterday, he had a question for me: How have I managed to get to 16k+ tweets?  My answer: events.

Tech conferences are like marathons for my tweet count.  So why do I tweet extensively during events?  The answer’s simple – to network.  I tweet using the event’s hashtag (for example, Mobile World Congress this year had #MWC13 as its hashtag).  I keep an eye out for people who tweet about similar topics at that event. I strike a conversation with them and meet that person while I am there.  I started slowly with a couple of events.  I was cognizant of the feed that appears to my followers and never felt comfortable spamming their feed with tweets from a conference they wouldn’t care.  However, with twitter clients such as tweetbot (the one I use) one can enable “mute filters” to mute the tweets with certain keywords or hashtags from appearing in their feed.

My half-marathons are tweetchats.  My participation started with #mobilebiz, a tweetchat hosted by Brian and Benjamin every Thursday on various topics around Enterprise Mobility.  There are a few other tweetchats (I will share the list of chats I follow/participate).

Find your topic of interest, look for people that are active on that topic and start slow by following their conversations.  When you feel you’re ready, engage in conversation.

Remember, twitter is not about selling your products.  Rather, it is about engaging in a conversation with like-minded people.  Think of it this way: when you go to a party, you don’t start pitching your own brand; you engage in conversation and win people’s attention.  Twitter works the same way.  Use the right tool for the right task.

Tweet on!

PS:  I could get Sean and Brian to tweet…a big deal for me 🙂


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