Every step you take…

Reminds of you of The Police, eh?  I couldn’t resist using that as the title for this post.  Every step I take during my waking moments (and if you know me, you know that there are a lot of these!) I learn something new.

As a working mom, I have the opportunity to multitask; and not all of it is by choice. I still couldn’t ask for a better way to learn.  Right from (a) making breakfast, tea, packing lunches, getting kids and myself ready for the day to (b) managing work, meetings, social media and socializing in the office to (c) bringing kids home, their homework, dinner and finally, (d) back to working for a few hours before I call it a day – there is never a dull moment in my day.

I learn from my kids – the art of innocence.  Regardless of the day, the injuries and the attitudes, kids somehow are successful in bringing so much cheer and joy in our lives.  As tiring as our days get, one hide-and-seek game and I feel like a kid again!

I learn from my team – about how to succeed.  I am very lucky to be part of a fantastic team at Symantec.  Every individual brings with them such great expertise and experience that even a five-minute conversation with any one of them makes me feel so enlightened.

I learn from my tweeps – a LOT of things.  No, that is not an exaggeration.  I feel lucky and blessed to be surrounded by such brainpower on twitter.  The topics they talk about and the level of conversations they have are just mind-boggling.   I have learned about so many technologies just by eavesdropping on such conversations and by reading the blog posts that these experts write.

And when I put my kids to bed and get back to work – I reminisce about my day and realize how productive, cheerful and exciting my day has been as I cheerfully look forward for the next day.

For a change, I wanted to blog about me.  I had always wanted to, but was never sure how it would be received.  But today, I remembered what Sudheesh said: “write for yourself; not for others.  Write because YOU want to.”


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