My iPad was erased….now what?

<gasp> Imagine that panicky moment when you realize that your kids tried to unlock your work iPad’s password one too many times and the device is now reset to factory defaults.  Add to that mix the fact that you had not backed up the device for at least the past one month! <gasp> <gasp> <Somebody get me my brown bag!!>

Yup!  I went through that exact emotion (alright alright, I will admit, ‘horror’) very recently.  But then, I realized, I had nothing to worry about.  Here’s why.  There are two types of info we all care for on our smartphones and tablets: Personal and Corporate info.  Since this was my corporate iPad, life became much simpler.

  • Personal Info:  I just had my social media apps and very few pictures that came through the “sync” I’d done in the past.  Fortunately, I do not fall into this category:


The remaining personal files I have…are already on my Dropbox.  So technically, I have not lost anything.

  • Corporate Info:  This was even least of my concerns.  All my corporate information, including email, are delivered by our Symantec App Center app.  All I had to do re-download the agent, and voila!  I was back on track with my corporate apps.  It was as if nothing had happened to my iPad at all.

I am pretty sure this does not come as any surprise to many of you.  And yes, coming from the land of mobility, it doesn’t sound surprising to me either.  However, going through this experience myself (and without any deliberate device resets!) was very convincing to me that we have a great technology!  Thanks Symantec 🙂

Mobile devices have pampered us and changed the way we just expect things to work.  Regardless of where we are, how our devices function, whether or not our devices are reset, we expect to be back up and running in no time.  I am so excited to be part of this mobility movement.  As we all say, there is no dull moment in the mobile world!


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