A New Chapter…

When I read this blog the first time, I felt that it couldn’t be any truer.  I tweeted that link and got at least half a dozen RT’s and “+1s”.  But when I look at myself today, I am extremely proud and happy that I am the perfect counter example for this statement.  You see, my pet peeve #215 is a “blanket statement”, because there are always counter-examples for such statements.  I digress.

Today, I bring my Symantec journey to an end.  After almost a three year run at Symantec, I resume my journey at Citrix.

These few years at Symantec have been nothing but phenomenal for me.  I’ve been given many opportunities to make mistakes, learn and grow in my career.   I moved from Citrix to Symantec in mid-2011 to join Symantec’s App Virtualization and Streaming group.  From there, my journey led me to a network security product and then brought me to Enterprise Mobility when Symantec acquired Nukona.  These two years of my Product Marketing life with Symantec App Center have been beyond fantastic.  I entered one of the hottest topics in the industry, worked on strategic activities at Symantec, met the most elite folks in the community (huge thanks to Twitter), made some long lasting friendships and learned more than a lifetime’s worth!

I also want to take a moment to thank the three managers I had while I was with Symantec – Brian Duckering, Chandra Rangan and Travis Grandpre.  They are some of the best folks I’ve ever worked for.  I loved working for each of them!  Thank you so much, guys, for being the best managers that you’ve been to me!  I wouldn’t be here today without your support, motivation and more important, your confidence in me.

Along with these inspirational leaders, I had the opportunity to work with many many more fantastic people while at Symantec.  My Sales and SE teams have been the best!  The regional teams, integrated marketing team, education team, regional product management and product management teams — each team had their own way of inspiring  me in every step of my career at Symantec.

With a sad and a heavy heart, I leave my family that I’ve built at Symantec to join Citrix’s XenMobile team with Chandra and Ahmed.  I am very excited to be part of the X(Z)en team and look forward to many such successful milestones at Citrix.

The excitement (and the journey) continues.


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