Panel Event: Moving Up The Ladder

Today, I had the opportunity (thank you, Cindy!) to share my career transition and all the hurdles I crossed so far. I was very honored to be on the panel along with some very fine professionals such as Ramon, Elena, Vijai and Komal.

I wanted to share with you some of the golden nuggets that my fellow panelists shared today.

Get out of your comfort zone.
Ask questions.
Negotiate; because you don’t get what you deserve but you get what you negotiate.
Show initiative.
Establish credibility.
Connect. Learn. Influence.
Know when to exit (job/company/business).
Own your career.
Develop soft skills; you can’t acquire those from books/schools.
Career setbacks can become your growth opportunity.

And last, but the most important nugget – Network! Network! Network!



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