Mother: The One Irreplaceable Person In Your Life

Every one of us goes through the phase in our lives where we (a) know better than mom does and (b) wish mom hadn’t said/done that to embarrass us. However, we all have also realized that we wouldn’t be here today, without that one person cheering us all along…from the sidelines or on the other side of the phone (or world).

Mothers are the most amazing blessing we will ever be blessed with in our life.

On this Mother’s Day, and any other day, I raise my glass to toast for the two amazing mothers I’ve known throughout my life–my mother and my sister. They are the two most beautiful women in my life that have inspired me, guided me and supported me through every step of my life.

Thank you, mom. Thank you, sis. I love you both.


One thought on “Mother: The One Irreplaceable Person In Your Life”

  1. You are amazing and I am highly grateful to GOD for blessing me with two lovely daughters like you and nitya. Love you both for ever and praying GOD to bless me you and nitya in my next birth also where ever I am born as a mother.

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